Decompose Signal Node, Python Error

HI All,

I receive the following error if I reduce the correlation cut-off below 0,7. However, the Seasonality to be detected is at lag 90 and requires correlation cut-off <0,7.

At the moment the node works only with >0,7 without having any seasonality decomposed.

Does anyone know what’s the issues and how I can solve it?

Thank you!



HI @Deschwaba -

Could you upload your workflow in progress (assuming the data is not confidential), instead of just screenshots? It would be helpful to dig inside the component to see what the exact Python Script error is, as well.

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Hi Scott,

please find attached, the faulty
workflow, hope this format works for your examination.

Thanks for your support!


Decompose Error.knwf (747.8 KB)

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