deeplearning4j not working

Beginning one or two days ago, nodes in deeplearning4j are not working, throwing different errors.
Same workflows works good in earlier knime installations.

What can I check?


could you please provide some more information?
When did it work, when not? Which different errors? Did you change the environment?


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Thanks steffen!
I have try to increase memory, turn on/off GPU calculation and verbose error logging; no luck.
I’ve removed and reinstalled DL4J.
It seems the CUDA version may cause error.
CUDA 11 production machine, knime AP 4.6.3: no luck (one week ago was working, no changes)
CUDA 8 test machine knime AP 4.6.2: works
I can’t downgrade CUDA in production.

DL4J version on both:
KNIME Deeplearning4J Integration (64bit only) 4.6.0.v202202251624 KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Error. Execute failed: The Deeplearning4j library could not be initialized. Maybe there is not enaough memory available for DL4J. Please consider increasing the 'Off Heap Memory Limit0 in the DL4J Preference Page.

Hi papaito,

thanks for the information. Could you also provide the knime.log around that error?

Additionally, could you try whether the CPU version works for you instead of GPU?


@bwilhelm maybe you have another idea when we get the knime.log :slight_smile:

Hi Steffen,
today all is working fine.
I don’t know why, I’ve made no changes.

Thank you.

Thanks for the update!

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