Default Annotation Style

To all KNIMEthusiasts,

is there any way to change the default formatting / appearance of new workflow annotations? Whenever I add a new annotation, it comes with disgusting, thick yellow borders and it’s whispy text.

Can I somehow change the default “style” of annotation boxes to save precious time spent on repeatedly changing borders / fonts / alignment / etc.?

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Hi @datastic -

My apologies for the delayed response. Sorry, but as of right now, the default annotation style (yellow border and 9 point font) can’t be changed. I’ll make sure your feedback gets to the developers though.

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Hi @ScottF,

thanks for your reply. I’d greatly appreciate, if you forwarded my concern to the developers and keeping me updated about any upcoming progress on this issue.


Feature Request: Annotation are typically used to add notes for a group of nodes… but if the nodes and the Annotation box can be separated (i.e. while editing by mistake) then the annotations start to lose meaning. Would like to see a docking type behaviour when you put nodes over an Annotation object so you can select the annotation (acting like a container or layer) and all the node inside/associate are also selected and you can relocate the group of them.

I realize this is a quality of life request.