Delete Min/Max Value in a row/column


How to delete the minimum/maximum value in a row or column?




To filter (that's how I interpret your "delete") the maximum value (i.e. a row) in a  any given column:

  1. Math Node: create a variable (say Amax) which contains the COLMAX() of the column of your choosing (say column A);
  2. Rule-based Row Filter: filter any rows for which A = Amax. 

To filter a column based on the row-max/min, it might be an option to transpose the table and to use the above procedure, then transpose back.



I had the idea to use the Reference Row Filter for this.

I will attach the workflow. It should work for every table setting, you only need to select the column you want to filter in the final reference row filter.

Cheers and happy KNIMEing,


Thanks a lot for help!