Delete rows with special characters

Hi @jpages , the search will always find what you are asking it to find. Chances are that you are not searching for the correct characters.

I’m not sure how you determine which characters to search. What you are seeing is simply gibberish, caused by your system not being able to properly display the characters, most certainly caused by your current character set not supporting these characters. So you can’t just search for what you are seeing.

There are a few ways to handle this or to capture the correct characters.

One way that does not fail for me is to read the text in hex. Hex will always return the proper hex value of the special characters, and you can remove them properly that way.

EDIT: You can check this thread where I posted a demo to convert to hex and remove some characters: Remove hidden characters

Here’s another thread that can help: Remove special characters from the text - #6 by bruno29a