delete Stirng from behind until "\" is reached


I have a file path as a variable ( C:user\david\test\filefilefile.xlsm) and I want to delete every character from behind until I reach “” ( -> C:user\david\test\ ). Does anyone have an idea how to do this? The file path will be different from time to time, so I need a dynamic solution working for all possible paths.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I found a way:

Variable to Table Row -> String Manipulation -> Table Row to Variable

inside the String Manipulation: substr($variable$, 0, indexOf($variable$, “\”, “b” )+1)

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Hello @DvdFrcK,

glad you found a way. However you can use URL to File Path (Variable) node which will output parent_folder flow variable for you. Also regarding your solution you can use String Manipulation (Variable) node right away and avoid converting from flow variable to table and back :wink:



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