Delete value with specific pattern in rows

Hi all,

I am having rows like:
abtycfgv, 00075673, -00000000009765
abcd, -00000000009896

I want to delete any string with this pattern “,000XXXXX” and the result i want is:
abcd, -00000000009896

Please help to guide me how should i do this with string manipulation node

Hi @mmngeoh,

You can achieve this with:

regexReplace($column1$,"[, ]{1,2}000[0-9]{5}\\b","")

note: you data is a bit dirty with inconsistent usage of spaces so if you clean it up a bit in advance than a simpler regex is also sufficient ,\b000[0-9]{5}\b


Hope this helps!


Hi @ArjenEX ,

Actually I just simply put the example above with space and 3 “000”
I do a little bit of adjustment below (please refer to image below) :
before: abcd,0000056786,+00000000008979
after: abcd,0000056786,+00000000008979

Thanks for your help again @ArjenEX :grin::grin:

They’re the same, so what is that showing?

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@bruno29a … I think it’s showing this:


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Hi guys, sorry my bad
It should be:
before: abcd,0000056786,+00000000008979
after: abcd,+00000000008979

@bruno29a @takbb

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