Deleting rows which has values between 1 and 7

Hi all,

I want to loop over columns and delete the rows has value between 1 and 7, data as below:

Data.xlsx (8.0 KB)

I would like to know what type of loop and iteration I could use to solve the problem. Thank you in advance!

Just for the task you can avoid looping using Math Formula (multi column) with between(1,$$CURRENT_COLUMN$$ ,7 ) and upend suffix option.
Then Column Uggregator node (use wildcard *suffix and sum as aggregation).
Filter rows by total column = 0.


I am not able to set a range using Math Formula (multi column), I tried inputting (1,$$CURRENT_COLUMN$$ ,7 ) and (1< $$CURRENT_COLUMN$$ < 7), but none of them worked. Do you have any idea about it? Thanks

between(1,$$CURRENT_COLUMN$$ ,7 )

Thank you! That works perfectly