Deleting values in two Input sources

Hey :slight_smile:

I have two input sources and I need to delete those rows in both inputs which occur in both.
Is there an easier way than just to put two reference row filters after each other?

Hi @Chaosprinzip

Did you already checked out the Joiner (Labs) node, that comes with KNIME4.2
Screenshot from 2020-08-12 10-26-04
gr. Hans


Hey Hans!
Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately we still use KNIME4.0
So I can’t use this specific node right now.
But good to know that there is at least a possibility once we update.

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Look for “Duplicate row filter” node. First concatenate the two tables and then use the duplicate filter node

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Hi @Chaosprinzip,

well you can use Full Outer Join from current Joiner and leave joining columns from both inputs in output table. Then use Rule-based Row Filter to leave rows where there is missing value in joining column and finish it with Column Merger. Not sure if above applies as you are looking for a easier way…


Hey thanks for your replies!
I was basically searching for a “one-node-solution”
My current solution is working fine I just wanted to know if there probably is even an easier solution or a node I never heard of that can do this task in one go :slight_smile:

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This solution won’t work as I have duplicates in both tables and I only want to delete those that are in both. If I only use the concatenate and then duplicate row filter it will delete all duplicates but if the duplicates are all in one table I want to keep them.
Additionally I need to delete all entries where there are entries in both lists and not only the duplicates :slight_smile:

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