Delta from SAP-BW

Dear users,

I'have currently a very big flat file imported from SAP-BI Reports as csv .

Now we plan to update my file with a "Delta" from the SAP-Cube.....every days (-> smaller csv file).

With 4 key-references, I can classifiy the "Delta" lines i receive with the exisiting file :

- Delta line not correspond to an existing line = new line

- Delta line correspond to an exisiting line = Change

But, a always find 2 "delta" lines for an exisiting line, with some negativ value, or missing value.

So my questions :

What are the rules in SAP to generate a "delta" ?

How to define whitch value must be added, or deleted, or stay unchanged from the 2 "delta"lines ?

Thanks for helping....


Hi Mitch,

If you are still looking for SAP connectivity, please check out the KNIME Connector for SAP(KCS):

Our connector supports delta loads through dynamic querying, allowing you to pull only changed/updated records. Please let us know if it still interests you and if you would like to have a conversation.