demo how to count missing values in tables

Hi guys
I would like to share this little workflow… as I had to describe all the attributes in various tables for a client, I was using the Spec-Columns given when opening a table in the next register… although it is bothersome to export as you need to copy-past the columns and then the content separatly to an excel file.
but I still had no Info on how many missing values there are per attribute… so this workflow is doing this for you… (note if you have Zero (0) as missing value for integers just put this in the row filter as upperbond value.)count missing in table.knwf (57.4 KB)

Unfortunately the column list loop start filter is not working as expected so I had to use column filters instead…

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Hi @adaptagis

Did you already take a look at the Statistics Node ? See the second output port for the number of missings.

gr. Hans


thnx for this hint Hans! very useful indeed… but less creative :wink:


Hi there,

how about GroupBy node and Missing value count aggregation method for each column?

@adaptagis just a hint that you can share your workflows and ideas on KNIME Hub :wink:


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