Dependent List Component

Hi everyone I am trying to make a Dependent list component, but the second filter [PRODUCT] does not make any change when applying the first one [CUSTOMER].

I beg if someone can help me with the workflow.

Dependent List.knwf (41.6 KB)

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Hi @mauuuuu5

did you checked it works if you set up the component as new one and set in the Section ‘Product’ the switch to ‘Enforce exclusion’?

If Z2 was automatically exlcuded you have to include Z2 manually.


Hi morpheus, thank you for the reply…I configured the metanode with ‘Enforce exclusion’ with a new component and when selecting C in the “Name” section all the products appear: Z1, Z2 and Z3. And when I reset and execute the component and select other “Name” the products are different.

Probably I had to mention it at the beggining, but is there a way to change it dynamically?

Thank you


Hello @mauuuuu5,

not with Configuration nodes for sure. Widget nodes should be used but still don’t think it will work in your case. As a workaround probably hiliting together with Joiner should be used to automatically get update Pie/Donut Chart based on Customer selection.

See this topic for an example workflow:


Hi ivan thank you for your help it works nice.


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