Dependent List implementation

I have 2 lists and the value of the second depends on the choices made on the first.

For example if I have a list of Locations and a dependent list of Employees. If I choose one or more location the second list should only show the list of employees of the selected location.

I have searched the forums and I find that there have been discussions regarding this, however there is no clear answer as to how this can be done. I'll appreciate any input in this regard.

I think I have found the way. Thanks to everyone who looked at this..
For the benefit of newbies like me this is what I did... If anyone has a better idea, please do us a favor by posting your ideas..

Table Creator1.) Node 220 Reads the Office and EMployee Data.

2.) Node 223  Segregates the data for further processing.

3.) Node 234 Provies the Interface for choosing the "Office" parameter (1 or more).

4.) Node 235 Flters the Rows based off the previous selection

5.) Node 231 Display the Employees from the Filtered rows selections. and lets you choose one or more employee..

This entire process can be cascaded to include more quickform nodes and further filtering..

Now that I think about I feel silly even asking this here.. Thank you everyone for your time.

Thank you for your solution.

Best, Iris