Deploy a KNIME model for real-time access by external application


I am looking to deploy a KNIME generated model, to be invoked by an external application in real-time and came across this video:
Seven Modes of Deployment | KNIME

which led me to this workflow.
Model Deployment SQL Recoding – KNIME Hub

It produced what seems to be a jar file (although the Model Writer node has named it with a .pmml extension)

Can anyone guide me on how I can invoke the .jar file from the external application?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @RNarayan73

for deploying KNIME to an external application we are offering the KNIME Server. it comes with a highly customizable REST interface.

Kind regards, Iris

Thanks for your response, Iris. Perhaps I should have been a bit clearer in my request.

I am looking to deploy the model for use by an external application on the local machine in real-time. The above video and workflow point to an executable jar model which makes the job straightforward.

Can you guide me as to how I can invoke the .jar file from the external local application?


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