Deploy shared KNIME workflow in SharePoint to KNIME Server without deploying it from KNIME Desktop

If someone shares a KNIME workflow in Microsoft O365 SharePoint or OneDrive, I have to download it and import it into the KNIME Analytics Platform and then deploy it to the KNIME Server.
My idea is to develop a KNIME workflow and deploy it on KNIME Server, which can upload the shared workflow to KNIME Server. In the future, instead of downloading, importing to desktop KNIME, and deploying to KNIME server, I can execute workflows directly on the KNIME server and deploy any workflows shared in SharePoint/OneDrive.
Does this make sense?
Appreciate it if someone had developed this kind of workflow and share it with me.

Hi @Hawk326040,

generally this should be possible, but I haven’t tried it by myself. You could for example list the files on SharePoint/OneDrive using the SharePoint Online Connector and the List Files/Folders to get a list of the workflows. You can create a Table View component afterwards to select the workflow file. Use a KNIME Server Connector & the SharePoint Online Connector in combination with a Transfer Files node to move the workflow to the KNIME Server.

However since decompressing the workflow archive does not really work on the KNIME Server, you would need to read in the archive as a blob file (Files to Binary Objects) and send the Blob as Request body to KNIME Server’s REST Endpoint by using a PUT Request node.
Endpoint would be something like

I hope this helps.