Deployment automation on Azure

Dear KNIME Community,

I was wondering whether anybody has experience with automated deployments on Azure. I am not super experienced in all options that are available in Azure, but got the gut feeling that ARM templates or Ansible could be suitable for this. I found some documentation in the KNIME docs, however the links to example ARM templates are broken.

The reason I am interested in templated deployments, is that I have to provide my own certificate (using Let’s Encrypt) and would like to automate those commands for retrieving it (since the setup I am currently creating has to be handed over and maintence and redeployment have to be as easy as possible).

In my ideal scenario I would like to have the following:

  • Deploy a new version of KNIME Server using the Azure Marketplace (this includes the billing for the KNIME Server license)
  • Run “post-installation”-scripts (installing the certificate)
  • Tune the tomcat config (to match the newly installed certificate)

The reason Hashicorp Packer would not work (as far as I understand), is that this won’t include the license for the server, since that is managed via Azure Marketplace.

Is this approach even possible and how could I create this setup?


Hi Lars,

You have the ability to login to KNIME Server instances once they are launched from the Azure Marketplace. So you can automate using ssh/scp for example, to load scripts onto the instance and execute them. How you login depends on if you set up the instance with a username and password or with key.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the suggestion! However I was looking for more of a one-click type of deploy as is possible from Azure Marketplace, but I have to find out whether a single script also might do the job.