Deprecated DatabaseReaderConnection Class - Alternative?

Hello Knime community,

I'm developing a node which uses a DatabasePortObject and the DatabaseQueryConnectionSettings.

With the settings I want to create a BufferedDataTable in my execute method. 
Currently I'm working with the DatabaseReaderConnection which works perfectly fine.
However, I saw that this class is deprecated. (At least eclipse says this) So which new class will be used to get a BufferedDataTable from a DatabaseConnectionSettings object?

In advance thank you very much for your answers.


 * @deprecated use {@link DatabaseUtility#getReader(DatabaseQueryConnectionSettings)} instead


DBReader#createTable ?

Thank you. It works. 

By the way it will show when you hover over the deprecated method. (I'm blind)

However, it's not listed in the api

It works like this:

DatabasePortObjectSpec spec = (DatabasePortObjectSpec) inData[DATABASE_CONNECTION_PORT].getSpec();
CredentialsProvider credProvider = getCredentialsProvider();
DatabaseQueryConnectionSettings dbSettings = spec.getConnectionSettings(credProvider);
DatabaseUtility databaseUtil = DatabaseUtility.getUtility(dbSettings.getDatabaseIdentifier());
DBReader reader = databaseUtil.getReader(dbSettings);
BufferedDataTable table = reader.createTable(exec, credProvider);