Deprecated Table Row to Variable, Variable to Table Column nodes, replacement?

I am generating a single datetime, then appending the same datetime to every row of a table under a new column (date) by doing the following:
Date&Time Range > Table Row to Variable > Variable to Table Column

However Table Row to Variable > Variable to Table Column are now listed as deprecated,
unfortunately there is no recommendation for their replacements in workflow coach or in the node description.

How should I be appending a datetime to every row as a new column?

Hello @insightminer

Welcome to the world of KNIME.

Deprecated nodes can still be used for some time. So it is possible to use your approach now. It might be neccessary to adapt that workflow later to substitutes.

If you would like to get rid of these nodes you may try the Cross-Joiner-Node using a your table with the datetime. That will add a new row without the long way round using intermediate variables.


One question, did you drag and drop those nodes from the node repository, because those nodes should not be deprecated. However the version of those nodes that were available pre 4.3 have been deprecated


Thanks, dragging and replacing them with the same nodes shows,

Is it possible to have a versioning and upgrade paths for nodes that replace their previous versions?

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