Two thumbs up for the website re-design! :)


The new web design is nice and slick but I can no longer find the page which has all the nodes listed with their description. I find this useful to refer back to when answering posts on a tablet in which I don't have knime access. Can it make a return?



Hi Simon,

I guess you mean this page. (Though it still has the previous KNIME logo, I guess it shows the current released version's nodes.)

Hope this helps, gabor

PS.: I like the new design too.

Perfect Gabor,

I have no idea how you found it, I searched for ages. That's exactly the page I like to use.

i'll get it bookmarked!


Hmm. Was there an additional change? Or just the other monitor has different colors? The brownish-orange does not easy to read on the grey areas (in the text editor and the alternating color of rows in the tables). Could one of the colors be changed there?

Cheers, gabor

Agree, that's clearly on the not-too-ergonomic side - the grey value needs to move closer to black, especially for fine font structures. The formula on this page may help to tweak colour perception against the effective contrast on white. It's more complex than it would seem, as evidenced by some other good guidance on the subject:

- Ergonomist