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Hi all,

I want to detect if a file is newly created on a NAS server. Wait… node can only browse files that are local.
So, I’m going to connect to the NAS server, get a list of folders and files, store them, and then compare it with the latest list to check whether new files have been created.
I am trying to get a list of files using the API, and download the file from the NAS server to proceed with the operation.
Is there an efficient way or node?

Hi @jjlee , you can use the List Files/Folders node that can list the files and/or folders on different file systems (local, remote, etc).

You can also use the Files/Folders Meta Info node in addition, in order to get the meta info of the files.

You can find an example that uses these 2 nodes here:

There are some aspects of the workflow that you can use to help with what you are trying to achieve.

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Hi, @bruno29a

Thanks for your reply.
I tried, but List Files/Folders node doesn’t seem to work on the server I’m trying to mount.

Hi @jjlee , if you click on these 3 dots, you can add a connector to the List Files/Folders node:



You can now connect a Connector to the node, and it will be able to read from the connected host.


Hi, @bruno29a

I used the Http Connector node, but the way to set the URL is a bit tricky. It doesn’t recognize the path I set.

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