Determine if a value exists in a row


Is there a way to check if any cells in a row of any length contains a specific value? E.g., let’s say I want to find out which of these addresses is in the United Kingdom:


I’d like to append a column which reads “United Kingdom” for each row containing this country:

Many thanks.

one way might be to first combine the columns e.g. comma separated so you got all the text in on column and then do a regex match or filter or wildcard search (rule engine, string manipulation or regex nodes come to mind)


Hi Daniel,

Would this be via String Manipulation, or some other function?

Either way, would the same set of commands work if the number of columns to be combined changes?

Many thanks.

Hello @mac95,

in situations where you need to perform same action across multiple columns I like to use Unpivoting node. It works regardless of number of columns and their names. Here is setup if you are looking for specific phrase in all columns:

Hope this helps!



Column combiner can be dynamic in regards to columns with forcing exclusion.
But as I can see @ipazin has already provided you a solution

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