Development Session ID (+Add to WebAnalytics Table)

Dear all,
I am new to Knime software. Can somebody help me out how to connect to web analytics table? I somehow got the connection with the web analytics connection while using google analytics connector node. but unable to add session Id to web analytics table. I will appricaiate if someone can explain the complete process for that. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Qamar -

We have a guide on how to setup and use our Google Analytics nodes here, and a short video here, but as you’ll notice, these are a bit old. Still, they might be helpful.

Can you provide a dummy workflow, or perhaps some screenshots, that might add some detail about the problem? Then maybe someone can provide additional assistance.

@ScottF Thank you fro your reply
Please have a look on the screen short. I would like to join the tables kindlay have a look.

Hi @Qamar -

It looks like the Joiner node just needs some additional configuration. Could you provide a dummy workflow, perhaps? If you are dealing with sensitive data, even a screenshot of the Joiner dialog might suffice for troubleshooting.

@ScottF Thank you for your reply, well I have developed the session ID some how. I will share the details with you. It a very long process.

Hi @Qamar -

Thanks for posting your solution! That is definitely an involved workflow, but I guess since it’s part of your thesis, that’s to be expected, right? :slight_smile:

You might already know about this, but for clarity in your workflows, you can organize large groups of nodes into a metanode for readability. Just select a bunch of nodes, then right click and select Collapse into Metanode. Then you can double click the new metanode to see what’s inside. See the 5th tip here on our recent blog post:

Best of luck with your thesis!

@ScottF Thank you for your support and tips. Do you have any idea how to calculate the coordinates. Actually I want to calculate the distance based on the following things.

  1. diatance between the locations (Lat and log)

@Qamar, take a look at this post - I think it will help you.

Thank you for your reply. I actually want to calculate the distance. please have a look at screenshots.

  1. City coordinates are I will get from google analytics.
  2. from page path I would like to calculate the location of plate forms.

Kindly guide me on that. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Qamar -

I’ve recreated the example workflow posted by danielesser above, so that you have something to adapt instead of just a screenshot. It’s attached here.

In addition to the Geo distances and ColumnDistanceNode that you already have, you also need beforehand to convert the lat/lons to coordinate format using the LatitiudeLongitudetoCoordinate nodes. This example only calculates the distances between two points as provided in the Table Creator node, so if you need to calculate other distances, you’ll need to generalize.

LatLonDistanceExample.knwf (15.4 KB)

@ScottF Sir thank you very much. I am able to able to solve the problem partly but still, I am unable to calculate the distance from platforms. Kindly let me know how I can calculate lat and log form platforms.
Thnak you in advance

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by “platforms”. Are you trying to identify a different source of lat/long information other than Google analytics? It’s not clear to me from the screenshots of your workflow what else you’re trying to do.

Thank you for your quick reply. I want to calculate lat/long from the shopping plateform data. I have already calculated lat/long from google anaylitcs which is as under:

My problem is that I cannot able to calculate the lat/long from the platform data please have a look at the data column of platform.

Your kind help will be helpful to me. Thank you once again for the help.

If I am understanding you correctly, perhaps this would be of use? You can look up lat/lons for German train platforms here:

If on the other hand you are just looking for lat/lons of city centers, you can download those here:

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Tnak you for you email sir. Actually I am just stuck in the same part. These re the requirements which I want to solve.

I haope you get an idea. if not then kindly share your email adress so that I can share all the details with you. Thank you in advance