Dialog GUI pull-down menu is buggy on different screen resolutions


I am working with 2.10 and found that the pull-down menu behaves weired. On my MacBook Pro screen (1280x800) it look fine, but if I move the dialog window over to my external monitor (1600x1050) the pull-down list opens a lot further down, away from the pull-down menu bar. I attache the screen shots...

Some more hints:

- my KNIME version 2.9.4 doesnt behave like this

- if I change the monitor resolution also to be 1280x800 => everything is ok

- if I increase the resolution on the monitor, the gap increases with resolution

- my OS is 10.9.4

Have a nice weekend!


Hi Martin, 

Thanks for the report.  I have logged the issue and tagged this post.