Dictionary replace part of a string

Hi all,

I have a little challenge: I have a text description that I use to classify my data. In order for the rest of the workflow to work I want to replace few words in the description using a little dictionary table. Think of this like a way to spell-check results/replace foreign wrods/correct cases etc. As far as I understand the standard nodes match the full string… any suggestion before I try making a loop to replace each substring one by one?

Example - Description “Roma is an ancient city founded by Romulus”

Dictionary transformation to apply to this and all other records
“…” →

Hope question is clear.



Hi @zioludo

Check the String Replacer (Dictionary) node.

gr. hans

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the suggestion but I was under the impression this node matched the entire string… isn’t it?
I will try.


Hello @zioludo,

you are under right impression. Will add your request to existing ticket. (Internal reference: AP-13269). As a workaround I would go with replace() function from String Manipulation node within recursive loop.



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