Dictionary Tagger Challenges

While using dictionary Tagger I have below entry in my dictionary , however it is not getting tagged, however the document has this entry somewhere as perfect match to this, is this because of work tokenizer if yes how to avoid it or any other way out

dictionary entry = angiotensin I converting enzyme

There was increasing evidence suggesting that angiotensin I converting enzyme may play an important role in the pathogenesis of PD. Our former study has shown that angiotensin I converting enzyme gene (ACE) may confer a susceptibility for the risk of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Meanwhile, recent studies have emphasized that genetic factors may involve in the occurrence of the adverse effects of chronic L dopa therapy in PD patients. This study was designed to assess whether genetic polymorphism of the ACE could be a predictor of L dopa induced adverse effects in PD. There were 251 patients included in this study and their mean age at onset of disease was 63.3+ 11.4 years. The duration of disease and the treatment with L dopa was 6.3+ 5.1 and 5.0+ 4.3 years, respectively. The frequency of the homozygote ACE II genotype of the ACE in PD patients with L dopa induced psychosis was significantly higher than that in PD patients without the adverse effect (63.3% vs 43.0%; chi(2)=6.347, OR=1.435, 95%CI=1.105 1.864, p=0.012). However, the ACE polymorphism was not associated with the risk to develop dyskinesia or motor fluctuation induced by L dopa. Furthermore, a logistic regression analysis confirmed that the ACE II genotype was an independent risk factor for L dopa induced psychosis in PD patients (OR=2.542, p=0.012). In conclusion, results of the study showed that ACE II genotype might confer a primary predictor for the occurrence of psychosis in L dopa treated PD.

@jagmohan11 in order to help you I need some more information.

Is that the only entry in your dictionary? If not is there another entry in your dictionary that contains or is a substring of angiotensin I converting enzyme? Which KNIME version are you running?


Thanks for replying , iam using version 3.5

my dictionary has following words

angiotensin I converting enzyme
angiotensin I converting enzyme
peptidyl dipeptidase A
angiotensin I converting enzyme peptidyl dipeptidase A 1

Hey @jagmohan111,

the dictionary tagger had some flaws in 3.5, e.g. if a “multi word” term from the dictionary occurred mutliple times in a sentence, the term got only tagged once.
I would suggest you to use version 3.6 which was released two weeks ago! I tried it out with your example and it works out well for me.
Additionally, it is enough to have each term only once in the dictionary. :slight_smile:


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