Dictionary Tagger

Trying hard to figure out what is the format for the dictionary file used by the dictionary tagger node. 

Anyone knowing how to proceed?


Just a text file with each word for tagging entered onto a separate line


The new version of the textprocessing feature (>=2.5.0) provides a dictionary tagger node with two input ports, one containing the list of documents to tag and the other containing the dictionary (one string column) with the terms to recognize.


Thanks for this implementation to the Dictionary Tagger, a request I also asked for a while back. This is much more useful having a second port rather than the old implementation of loading a file for the dictionary useage.

It makes it easier to share a workflow, knowing the dictionary file is inside the workflow rather than another user losing the link to a dictionary file.

One minor request is whether its possible to allow a user entered Tag Value. Restricting it to a list of 6, (Location, Person, Date, Time etc) is a shame, a user may want to add many other things besides this list of 6. For example location subdivided into Town, Road, Shop etc. May also want an option for Food, Drink, etc. A shame this can not be user expanded, it would allow more precise term filtering.


Jepp i see the point, this tagger could be more flexible about choosing which tags to use for which terms. I just put it on the feature request list.


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