Differences between Images


Can I use the node ‘Image Difference Checker’ for comparing jpg images? Is there any sample workflow that shows how this can be done, reading the images from my local disk? Thanks in advance.



As explained here [1], “Used in regression tests to test the created image with a reference image. The node will compare (depending on the dialog settings) the incoming images during execute and fails with an exception if they are not equal (or do not meet the expectations). In that case the node stays not executed and the test will fail.”

[2] shows an explanatory reference workflow involving this node, but given that it is for detecting anomalies in generated output vs expected output, I don’t think it could be used to detect differences in arbitrary JPGs.

If you have a specific use-case you’re trying to meet, please let us know and maybe we can help you identify the best path forward.

Thank you,

[1] Image Difference Checker – KNIME Hub
[2] Image Difference Checker – KNIME Hub