Different behavior between python script and python script (labs)


i found different behavior about how the normal python script and the python script (labs) node handels Path columns. I fixed the problem for me, but I just wanted to let anyone know, so when someone else has the same probleme the may find the solution here.

When I pass a Path column to a python node, the old node treats it like a string, but the new Labs node as a dict.

I don’t know if this is intentional, but maybe should be mentioned in the introduction part or the documentation.

I solved the issue with a path to string node before calling the python node, but you could also do it like this: print(input_table_1['Path'][0]['2']['1'])

I include an example workflow:
knime_python_error.knwf (9.6 KB)

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Hello @goodvirus ,

thank you for your post!

That is correct the Python Script (Labs) uses a new API via the knime_io module.
You can read more about it in this blogpost.

To be honest for me the print(input_table_1[‘Path’][0][‘2’][‘1’]) did not work, but the Path to String node indeed could be a good help here.

Furthermore the error message about the ‘FsLocationValue’ is unfortunately a known issue I am putting here the internal reference number [AP-19148] for the easier follow up. In our changelog you can check whether it is fixed in the future releases or not.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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