Directories creation from variables

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Hello people,

I attached a small workflow I am working on and I hereby require your knowledge.

What I am trying to do is read all zip files, create a folder for each existing zip file (the number of files may change), and unzip each one into its own folder to then read the content and take further action based on the extension of whatever is inside the zip file. I already was able to get the name of the files into a variable to then start the creation of the folders, but that is where I get stuck. So far, I am only able to create one folder and my workflow stops.

Thank you to everyone in advance.

You could explore this collection and the accompanying links.

I would have to take a closer look at your workflow.

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Thank you @mlauber71 for your answer, I will look into the links you suggested. Also, there is a copy of my workflow attached to my post above.