Disable "check for updates" when not logged into the Hub

I see no need for KNIME to check for updates when a user isn’t logged into the hub. V5.1 is having regular issues failing when attempting to log into the hub. In the mean time, opening files is being delayed by up to a few minutes attempting to update when I am not logged in to begin with… Is it possible to auto disable this based on the Hub login status going forward?

Hi @iCFO,

Do you mean updates for KNIME and extensions or components?

Generally, I don’t see the reason you want to condition these updates based on Hub login. Users don’t need to be logged in to get updates.

But if you want to disable “ckeck for update” feature, you can:

  • For KNIME and extensions: Preferences > Install/Update > Automatic Updates > Disable “Automatically find new updates and notify me”

  • For components: You can check the “remember my decision” option when a prompt for update shows up and select “No” so you won’t see the prompt anymore.

Hard to believe that I failed to specify that I was only referring to hub shared components. I think the default should be to check for shared component updates only when logged into the hub. For larger workflows with heavy use of shared components it can cause a long delay in opening / workflow use when I am not able to log into the hub. I would however like it to check for shared component updates when opening a workflow If I am logged in. Perhaps it is performing (and perhaps re-attempting) the component updates per shared component instead of a single login status check with a bypass?

I can concur. Opening a workflow with 325 shared components in it is not fun when you forget to connect to the KNIME server first :sweat_smile:


Thank you @iCFO for providing the feedback.

Currently, as I mentioned ealier, it’s possible to save your choice and later change it in preference whether to automatically ckeck for component updates or not.

But I agree that this behavior makes more sense while using shared components from KNIME Community Hub and not form Busines Hub where you need to be logged in to get the updates.

I created a ticket for this (AP-20939).