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Hi Community,

How can I “disconnect” my component? Currently I created a component, which includes several charts. Now I have to make some changes so I would like to delete the component without deleting all the nodes with it.
(I right clicked the component. but doesn’t see anything feature which match.)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ppeng ,

I believe that you can transform to a meta component again (link a step before) and make your updates.

Try it and give us some inputs, ok?



Hi @denisfi,

thanks for replying and helping out. But I mean I would like to transfer the component back to Nodes. Currently, the component “charts” includes 6 Nodes. And I would like to transfer the component back to before as if I haven’t create it.

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Hi @ppeng

If I have understood correctly, right click on the component, then hover over “Component” in the menu and then select “Expand” :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! Have a nice day!

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My Pleasure, thank you for validating my solution :slight_smile:

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