Discovering files on a Network using knime.

Hi all I am new here so I have some questions about the ability of Knime to connect and read file metadata from a network directory.
I have run some batch files to extract some data like file name, path, file extension, date created date modified and date accessed.
I placed this data into some text files and csv files. This has worked ok and I have done some initial analysis which looks good. However I would like to know if kime can do this directly and not have to run batch files or other to collect the initial data. The project I am working on is a 12 tb san that is a primary data store, that I wish to analise, so anything that can save some work and time would be really good.
I did search for this before I posted but I could not find the information I required.
I thought that there may be a node that could read a unc path like \someserver\sanstore\data
Any help much appreciated thank you.

Hi @RussellF -

Welcome to the forum! You might want to try out the List Files and File Meta Info nodes.


Thank you much appreciated. That looks to be doing the job very well.
I have a lot to learn in this area AI and ML is new to me so please excuse me if I seem to ask some dumb questions along the way.


No worries! It’s not a dumb question at all - sorry if my brevity made it appear that way. Please feel free to ask away as you explore KNIME further - that’s what the forum is here for :slight_smile:

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