display current loop iteration


I was wandering if there is a way to display somewhere the current loop iteration while a loop is executed. (I'm running a workflow over quite a number of files and it would be nice to see the progress).



Hi Christian,

I suppose you are using the chunk loop start node. The first solution which comes to my mind is displaying the output table of the chunk loop start and having a look at the flow variables. But everytime the table is updated, it will switch back to the Table-tab (which might be annoying). Thus, using the KNIME Node Monitor is probably the better choice in this case (Window > Show View > Other ... >  KNIME Views > KNIME Node Monitor > Click on the Loop Start node ...).

If there is a better solution, I'll tell you. I'm going to ask the KNIME guys.



Hi Christian, 

This information can currently be seen with the node monitor view, but we do have a feature request open to use these iterations for a proper progress bar (I'll add this posting to that request as well).  

To activate the node monitor, from the View menu, selecet 'Other" and then 'KNIME Views' and finally 'KNIME node Monitor'.  You can subsequently pin the monitor to a node, using the button that looks like a green headed pin.