display multiple time series and find values of Epsilon and MinPts(DBSCAN)

Hello, I'm quite new on Knime and i was trying on displayed multiple time series. 

My data are like this: 


row0       Alabama   1980    786

row1       Arizona      1980     88

row2       Alabama    1981   908


I have just uploaded what I want to reach but i can't understand how to use the line plot node for my case.

Best Regards, 


Hello Veronica,

you can use the Pivoting node before the Line Plot node with the following settings:

- YEAR in the Group tab
- STATE in the Pivoting tab
- COUNT in the Manual Aggregation tab with aggregation method Mean

You can than connect the top port of the Pivoting node with the JavaScript Line Plot node to plot your results.

Kind regards,


Hello Kathrin, 

I have done everything, my dataset looks good now but i can't show my data with a Line Plot. After connecting my Pivoting node to the JavaScript Line plot node I received this error, which is quite strange: 

' ERROR JavaScript Line Plot 0:38       Caught "BridgeException": null:-1

The attribute "height" of the element <rect> can not be negative '

Thanks again, Veronica

Hi Veronica,

I’ve never had this problem using the JavaScript Line Plot. Would you mind sharing your workflow so that I can have a proper look?


Kathrin, It works now; I tried with the node of Knime called 'Line Plot'!

Anyway, sorry for bothering you but if you don't mind I have to ask you another help. 
I have to find the right value of EPS and MINPOINTS of DBSCAN. I used the node 'Similarity Node' for looking for the 2-distance but after that I don't understand how to find the value of epsilon although I read many articles.  

Thank you,