Displaying bug with node Date&Time to Legacy Date&Time

Is it possible that node Date&Time to Legacy Date&Time has an error in displaying date and time? The column (user_)created_at shows the initial format of date and time, which was converted to a date and time format using the node String to Date&Time, column (user_)created_at_DateTime. This date and time format is converted to a legacy format with the Date&Time to legacy Date&Time node, column (user_)created_at_DateTime_Legacy. When viewing this date and time format, (locale=de), the German month names are provided with a closing dot. At least it affects the month names with maximum 4 letters (Juni, Juli, März). Longer month names are abbreviated and provided with two closing dots. Is this intended?

KAP 4.4.0 - fresh installation
Workflow copy from 4.3.3
Linux 5.8.0-59-generic (Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS)

Best Regards

Hi @Andrew_Steel,

this indeed sounds like a bug - I cannot reproduce it unfortunately, however, since I’m not sure where (and how) to change my locale. However, I built a workflow that does your described steps, so someone with more knowledge/locale=de can easily take over :smiley:

Best, Lukas

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Hi Andrew, hi Lukas,

I was able to reproduce it, this is indeed a bug in the representation. This happens for all legacy date&time formats, you could also use a Time Generator (legacy) to create date&time legacy data sets.

I will open a bug ticket for it. But please be aware that the development of the legacy date&time framework was abandoned because of some issues with it that could not get fixed while keeping the backward compatibility. Therefore we introduced the new Date&Time framework some versions ago which should be used whenever possible.



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