Displaying flow variables from quick forms in Data Reports

I have a workflow in which I solicit several inputs from the user and generate statistics based on the selections.  I generate a table of results and pass it the data to the Data to Report node.  I want to provide the output table with the flow variable values being displayed either in a title or as footnotes to the table.  

I am aware of how to assign a flow variable as a chart title, but don't find a similar option for data tables.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

I figured out a workaround.

I created the title from the flow variables using the Java Edit Variable node.  I then passed the flow variable to an Empty Table Creator node and configured the table to be 1 row by 1 column.  Then, in the Report editor, I inserted the table containing the title prior to the table containing the data.  I didn't create a border around the title table so that it appears as a title above the data table.

Not pretty, but it works.  If there is a simpler way, please provide guidance.  Thank you.

Hi Brad,

I couldn't fully follow what you did. In this thread you will an explanation by Bernd how this can be achieved:


Best, Iris 


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