Displaying result based on its recorded date or time?

With the available KNIME nodes, is there a way to display our data based on their recorded date/time for example,

date, temperature (°C)
19.2.2020, 12
5.5.2020, 15
9.8.2020, 25
12.10.2020, 24

so with the sample above, what I would want to do is to be able to have a way to show one row of the data but make it interactive slider so that it will show the temperature based on what date you pick as such:

if 19.2.2020 is chosen, display the row of data for 12°C
but then chronologically if I were to slide the data it should then change the displayed data into the next row (5.5.2020, 15), if that makes any sense?

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Hello @solmk,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

It does make sense. What graphical representation would you like? Scatter plot?

To create interactive views in KNIME you have to use Component(s). Do you know what those are? If not or not sure take a look here:

For your use case you would need to have Interactive Value Filter Widget together with your desired plot (e.g. Scatter Plot) bundled up in a Component. It will not provide you with slider option rather include/exclude dialog where you’ll need to include date you would like to see on your plot.

Give it a try and if any questions feel free to ask.



Sorry for the very late reply ipazin, thank you for the solution, I had read up on Interactive Value Filter Widget a while back, tested and understood how to use it to my problem, it may not be exactly what I wanted but I will make do with what I have for now :smile:

Best Regards,
Sol M. K.

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