Distance beetween two files (or two columns with different output)

Hello everyone!

I founded the geolocation for 2 files using Palladian - thanks a lot! - (one with 10.000 locations for a truck and another with 70 headquarters’ locations). I need the distance beetween the 10.000 locations for each base I have in the second file (something with 700.000 rows).

I’ve already tried many ways but it’s not working. Does anyone have any workflow example or any idea of how to do this?

I will be very very thankfull for this help.

PS: I did not find it in the topics.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Rodrigo,

suggest you have a look here, where @danielesser explained this very well:

Hope this helps!



Thank you, qqilihq.

I dont know if I explained well but, unfortunately, my problem is a bit different from what I found there. I’m not looking for a distance for every row with two points.

I need the distance from every point of the first column (or file) to every point of another column (or file).

It can’t be “line-by-line”.

Thank you anyway. If you have any idea, I will be very thankfull if you show me.

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Hi Rodrigo,

I think the only thing missing would be a Cross Join where you create n x m combinations of your data. Then you can proceed as shown above.

Does this make sense?

– Philipp


That’s what I want!!! Thank you very much!

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