Distinct KNIME AP upgrade from update

Hi @knime ,

Would it be possible to make a distinction between upgrading the KNIME AP and updating the KNIME extensions? It would be nice if the option “Automatically find new updates and notify me” is split into two:

  1. Automatically find new updates and notify me
    → When new KNIME extension versions are available
  2. Automatically find new upgrades and notify me
    → When there is a new KNIME AP release available(like 4.7.0)

We would like to let employees update and install extensions freely and don’t force extensions company-wide, but we do want to force all employees to stay on the same release.

With the current update/upgrade setup it’s sometimes difficult to see there are new versions of KNIME extensions available AND ALSO a new KNIME release. It would be nice to see these options separated so no accidental upgrades are performed without forcing anything company-wide.

Kind regard,


Hi @RKrom ,

I really like your suggestion and it would indeed make many lives easier to have such a feature (or similar). I created an Enhancement Ticket (internal reference: AP-19912). As always, we can’t give any promises on the timeline, especially with the advent of the KNIME Business Hub, though…

I’m happy to put +1s under the ticket for others that would find that helpful. Thanks for the Feature Request in any case!
Kind regards,