Diurnal Curve - Tageskurve / Task Curve - Auftragskurve


I have problem about visualizing my data on a diurnal curve.

Here is the problem:
A table with a certain amount of tasks looks like this.


How can I visualize the sum of task value on a diurnal curve looking similar to this?

2021-05-06 15_47_32-Mappe1 - Excel

I already created another table where I have all time values from 00:00 to 23:59 with an intervall of 1 minute.

I stuck at the next step:

How can I check if the task beginn is equal or less than the timestamp and the taskend is equal or greater than the timestamp? I don’t think that the rule engine node will help because I have two different tables.

My idea was it to create a simple line plot based on a table with two columns (timestamp and sum of task value).

I am curious to see which solution will be posted here and whether I am right or wrong with my approach.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @p_frischholz ,

the following workflow manages to create a “cummulated durnal curve”, hopefully the way you intended:

My approach was to first get a column of timesteps, each being a begin/end event with the associated change of amount. This change is then accumulated and “interpolated” on the timeline with a joiner and two missing value nodes - and finally plotted.

I found for me that such loop-over/compare-operations can often be realized with joining/pivoting/aggregation-nodes (i.e. the group-by node) … But let me know if you find a more elegant or intuitive solution!

Hope this helps!


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