Divide by a Row value and Multiply by a constant

I have the above table and I want to divide each column by the respective last row value and multiply each cell by 100 (except the last row, basically need the percentage)

Any help would be appreciated

Hello @kanishka271 ,

here is a small workflow that should do what you asked.

Next time, please remember to attach a small dataset. It’s much easier to help and make things work faster :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,

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Your last value is always the biggest one (as the sum) I guess so you could use math formula multi column
current col / col_max (current_col) *100


Hi @kanishka271

Following @Daniel_Weikert’s trick, you will find below a solution that takes into account your other requirements too:

The extra added trick here is to use a “if-then-else” condition to avoid dividing the last row too:

if($$ROWINDEX$$  + 1 < $$ROWCOUNT$$,

Hope it helps.



Thank you. this is perfect!

Will surely attach a small dataset next time

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This answers my query as well

Thank you! this answers the question as well

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