Divide table into parts and saving as a file



I am trying to divide a table to some parts and saving them as a file.

I have a table that contains some information:

Name NR City
Kamil 02 New York
Adam 11 New Port
Cris 89 Warsaw
Ed 01 Damascus
Marion 87 Edemburg
Gucii 54 Stocholm
Triss 77 Los Angeles
Kamil 03 New York
Eros 23 Warsaw


This is just a sample of table. So as you can see there are only some similarities like names, cities that repeat.

I want to divide this table into lets say 4 parts using rows. I want each file to contain for instance 2 rows from my data table and name each file different  according to logins of workers that will get this table to work on. I want to use only once each row so that they do not repeat in the next file.  

Or lats say I want to split this table into 4 parts without specifying numbers of row. 


I was trying to use group loop start but I do not constant  group. 

Could you help me ? 


Ok, so far I got something like this. 

I can divide the table but problem is how to save files according to the workers logins that are given in different table ?


Can anyone help ?

I always get this message "Unable to merge flow object stacks (likely the loop problem)