Dividing a value according to certain criteria

Hello everyone,

maybe you can help me with my question. I would like to divide a numerical value according to certain criteria. (needed for the daily lab work). Here is an example:

I have a solution with the given volume of 1000µl in my tube. I would like to distribute it to more tubes so that I have a total of 10 tubes at the end. But I would like to have 4 tubes with a volume of 50µl. Furthermore I need 100µl and 200µl, but it does not matter how many tubes this will be. This is what the software should calculate for me.
Unfortunately I don’t really know how to start. Thanks for your help!

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Hi @_Lisagrassl, welcome to the forum.

Can you describe how you’d solve this problem on paper?
Only then can you implement a software solution.

This is a combinatorics problem really. And you would need additional constraints to get a more appropriate answer, such as what is the minimum and maximum allowable volume in each tube.

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