DL Python Network Creator


I’m new here. Can you help me with Node DL Python Network Creator, please

Workflow: Natural Language Processing
KNIME 3.7.2
Windows: 10
Python: 3.7 Anaconda

Hi Katerina,

Could you please upload your knime.log file? That would help us to look into the details of the error you experience. Please see here (third and fourth paragraph) to find out how to locate the knime.log file.

Also please make sure that you followed our deep learning installation guide.



knime.zip (568.8 KB)

Thank you, Marcel!

Here is my knime.log

Hi Katerina,

The only interesting thing I found in your log file is the following line:

2019-05-26 18:01:25,457 : WARN : Thread-68 : PythonKernel : : : WARNING:tensorflow:From C:\Users<your-username>\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\framework\op_def_library.py:263: colocate_with (from tensorflow.python.framework.ops) is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

This warning isn’t printed when running the above workflow on my machine, and the workflow runs properly there. So maybe the versions of the TensorFlow/Keras packages you are using are incompatible with KNIME.

Could you try to find out which versions of those packages are installed in your local Python environment? You can do that by either executing

conda list -n your_environment_name

via the Windows command line, where your_environment_name is the name of the conda environment you set up for use with KNIME, or via Anaconda Navigator.
If you’re not sure which of the listed packages are relevant, feel free to just upload a screenshot or copy/pasted text of all of the displayed packages here and we’ll have a look at it together :slight_smile:.


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Hi Katerina,

in addition to the info that was requested by Marcel, I wanted to point out one global issue.
Are you sure you are using python 3.7? There is long-standing problem with tensorflow on python 3.7, if interested, see a loooooong discussion in

Only the most recent versions TF2.0 and TF1.13 are supported in this python version. KNIME supports usage of python 3.6 together with TF1.12 see instructions in the KNIME Deep Learning Integration Installation Guide. Is there a chance for you to create a dedicated conda environment aligned with this guide?



Hi Marcel,

thank you for the answer!
Here are my screenshots.

Hi Katerina,

Your Python environment looks good to me (maybe lisovyi can double-check that :slight_smile:).

Can you confirm that this environment is really used within KNIME? You can do that by, e.g., adding a new DL Python Network Creator node to your workflow, pasting the following code in its configuration dialog

import sys

and clicking Execute script. Something along the lines of “C:/Users/Kateryna/Anaconda3/envs/py36_knime/bin/python” should then be displayed in the node dialog’s console.



Hi Marcel,

it works now. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: I found my mistake. It was wrong anaconda folder. I saved everything in a different folder. :relaxed: Many thanks for the help!


Hi Misha,

thank you! It was another problem. It works now :slight_smile:



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