DL Python Network Learner : No output to standard output


Hi all,

I am trying to use the node “DL Python Network Learner”. Inside the configuration windows of the node, I can execute the script and have the statistics of each epochs in the console part.
But when I execute the node (F7) I don’t have anything in the "View: " parts. Only the following message “No Output to standard output”.

Any idea?





Hi @lcollia,

Sorry for the late reply. It seems like the views do not work for this nodes. This seems to be a bug and we will investigate that.

For now you can see the log in the “KNIME Console” (View > Console) if you set your log level to “INFO” (File > Preferences > KNIME > KNIME GUI > Console View Log Level).


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Hi @bwilhelm,

Thanks for your feedback and for the tricks that I will try to use.

For the moment I managed to used the CSVLogger class to write in a file the statistics of each epochs, but it is not as useful as with the console.



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