DLL - Is it possible to use it in knime ?


I'm using knime and because of our business needs, we would like to use a DLL in knime. I'm wondering if it's possible to access to this dll directly with a knime node or if we need to access through a java node ?

For example, I have a compiled algorythm in a DLL and I want to use it in knime. 

Thank's in advance for your answers !


It is possible to use custom DLLs in KNIME nodes. However, you need to write your own plug-in with your own nodes for this since the DLL must be available when KNIME starts. You might have a look at the RDKit integration. These nodes also use native libraries.

Thanks for your answer !

And is it possible to have all knime sources ? If yes, do you have a link to explain how ?


Thanks !

The KNIME Sources are available on the normal update site. You need the KNIME SDK and can install the sources (see the "Sources" category in the update site) together with the binaries.

The sources for the community extensions (such as the mentioned RDKit) are available via SVN, the link in my previous post contains the address of the SVN repository at the bottom of the page.