Document Viewer: Browse Buttons for Convenience


The document viewer node can open an "overview window" with one document per row and a "detail windows" when clicking on a row of the "overview window". For convenience it might be interesting to add browse buttons in the "detail window" to jump from one document to the next.

Another question: Is it possible for a user to add new "Link To" resources ?




Hi Frank,


thank you for the feature request. You are right, a "next" and "previous" button would by convenient, we also thought about that. The buttons will be available in 2.8.


So far it is not possible to add a "Link To" ressource, but it would definitely be a nice feature. I can not make any promises about that but i will try to get it done for 2.8.


Cheers, Kilian

Hi Kilian,

the new browse buttons are a very nice feature.  Having done several manipulations with the testprocessing nodes a typical task ist the manual curation of the results. And that is now an easy task with the browse buttons.




Hi Frank,


thank you for the feedback. New link resources can be added as well in the preferences "KNIME->Textprocessing->Search Engines".



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