Does DL4J Model Writer not support multiple output models?

I have a DL4J regression model predicting 4 outputs simultaneously, but the writer fails to persist the model. I get the following:

Execute failed: duplicate entry: target_column0

When I remove all but one target it works. Does the DL4J model writer not support multiple output models? Does anyone know of a workaround? My targets are not independent so a multi output model is preferable. Thanks

Hi @eafry and welcome to the forum.

I setup a workflow to test this and can reproduce the issue - let me check internally with the dev team and see if I can gather any additional information. Thanks for reporting - I’ll check back in when I know more.

EDIT: Internal AP-14873

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Hi @eafry,

this is a bug, which we will have a look at. As a workaround you could use the general Model Reader and Model Writer nodes.