Does KNIME Excel Sheet Appender confuse Excel Tables for Named Ranges?

I am adding a worksheet to an Excel XLSX file using the Excel Sheet Appender node. I get the following error message when I check the “Evaluate formulas on write” option: “Execute failed: Specified named range ‘tblDropDownTest’ does not exist in the current workbook.”

This option needs to be checked because I have formulas that are using the data in the worksheet.

It appears that KNIME is looking for Named Ranges when evaluating my formulas when in fact the tblDropDownTest is actually a Table I created using the Excel option “Format as Table”. I do not have any formula errors in my Excel spreadsheet.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi @rob_urbanski -

Sorry for the trouble. Do you perhaps have a minimal example workflow that reproduces the problem? If possible, I’d like to pass that on for further investigation.


I ended up changing my Excel formulas to not use Microsoft table references and the workflow is functioning now. I will try to add a minimal workflow but my work around has now been deployed and in use.

Glad to hear you were able to find a solution.