Does Knime support any form of versioning using GIT ?

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I’m barely new to KNIME and currently wondering if there is any inbuild option to versionize workflows/scripts created in KNIME using GIT?

I should add that we are using KNIME Server.



Hi @ThoMi,

although we don’t bundle any Git client within KNIME, you can still use Git to versionize workflows. They are stored inside the KNIME workspace that you select when starting KNIME.

However, the workflows may contain data (besides structural information and configurations). You can get quite far by configuring a .gitignore to leave out e.g. files in “data” folders, but you may still end up with large data files, especially when saving workflows in an executed state.

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Adding a note on KNIME Server: There we offer to create snapshots when uploading newer versions of workflows. Using Git on KNIME Server isn’t feasible. The versioning feature is improved in the KNIME Business Hub, where you can easily switch between (and e.g. execute) different versions of workflows.

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Hi @marvin.kickuth
my understanding was that the new Business Hub has kind of replaced “classical” KNIME Server. Is that correct?
What is still missing (imo) is a individual business hub license. e.g. me as an individual user want to use all the KNIME Server features, learn about them and when my company finally decides to buy a Server, I am ready to go because I was able to practise the provided functionalities.
It would be great to have such an option.

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